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Coremat® Xi

Lantor Coremat® Xi

  • The cost effective solution for open mould processes
  • Is used as core material and/or print blocker
  • Is a polyester nonwoven and compatible with all regular types of resins, including Polyester, Vinylester, Phenolic and Epoxy
  • Is suitable for hand lay-up and spray-up processes
Dimensional data
Properties Xi1 XI 2 Xi 3 Xi 4 Xi 5
Thickness mm 1,4 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0
Roll lenght m 130 80 50 40 30
Roll width m 1 1 1 1 1
Resin uptake kg/m2 0,8 1,2 1,8 2,4 3,0
Dry weight g/m2 45 55 80 105 125
Density impregnated  kg/m3 630 630 630 630 630

Applications Lantor Coremat® Xi

  • Marine: hulls, decks and structures of boats and yachts
  • Transportation: parts and panels of cars, trailers and trucks
  • Mass transit: interior and exterior of trains, light rail and buses
  • Leisure: kayaks, surfboards, pools and tubs
  • Industrial: cladding panels, containers and tanks
Typical mechanical properties of Lantor Coremat® Xi* impregnated with unsaturated polyesther resin
Mechanical Unit Value Test method
Flexural strenght MPa 11 ASTM D790
Flexural modules MPa 1100 ASTM D790
Tensile strenght across layers MPa 4 ASTM C297
Compression strenght: 10% strain MPa 10 ISO 844
Shear strenght MPa 5 ASTM C273-61
Shear modules MPa 35 ASTM C273-61
*Lantor Coremat® Xi3


Keep Coremat® Xi away from direct sunlight, therefore store Coremat® Xi in the original bag. This will ensure proper functioning of the resin indicator. Please note that the resin indicator is not a guarantee that sufficient resin has been applied, but strictly a control mechanism to identify dry spots. Always check resin content.

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