AMP Composite


Woven roving fabrics are made of roving glass strands. The fabrics are manufactured mostly as fabrics with a uniform warp and weft setting but also as unidirectional fabrics and as tapes. They are used for hand lay-up, injection moulding, and press moulding, etc. for the production of laminated glass-reinforced plastics for industrial use, transport, sports and leisure, etc.


Easy wet-out in resins
Good mold conformability
Excellent mechanical properties


Density (g/m2) 500  +/- 40
Roving Sizing Siliane
Warp Roving 1200tex 80 – 1250mm
Weft Roving 1200tex 22ends/10cm
Moisture Content(%) < 0.10
Roll weight(kg)  According customer’s requirement
Compatibility  UP/Epoxy resin


The packing is according customer’s requirement.
Each roll with a plastic bag and carton

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